Blog #7: J.J. Abrams

My first contact with the talents of J.J. Abrams was when watching the great TV-series Lost. I was not the only one stunned by his new way to introduce – and also dispose of – characters throughout the series. Character drove and nail biting, this series gave us a forty minutes roller coaster ride every week. Lost was not his first production for TV. He had already a couple of success series behind him like Felicity and Alias.

Not only is he a talented writer, producer and director. He also has a gift as a speaker as you can see when he entered the scene in one of the Ted Talks in 2007.

I strongly recommend you to watch this little 18 minutes speech. Everyone can pick up tips on how to structure a speech and to capture the audience, but most important, to tell a story. J.J. Abrams is surely one of the masters of this genre.

PHOTO: Austin Hargrave

Inspiring music…  “Black Books” with Nils Lofgren (1997).


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