Blog #5: William Christenberry

[…People often ask me, “Why don’t you photograph people?” I don’t know…].

The above words are not mine, they are William Christenberry’s, a photographer and painter born 1936 in Alabama. In retrospect, you could argue that he was the inspiration for me when I did the project USA 1978 ( But that would be to lie. I didn’t know about him at the time for my exploration in spontaneous photography of ’78.

When I visited Spain at the beginning of 2014, there were Christenberry exhibitions in Granada that I went to see, of course. It contained a couple of rooms with small white-framed photographs. Although the photographs in it were great to see, what made this exhibition different were his quotes that were mounted and hanged on the same walls. So many clever words, you could think of him as writer rather than a visual person.

In 2010 Christenberry, published a fantastic book called “Kodachromes” with work from 1964 to 2007, all shot with a 35 mm camera and – of course – Kodachrome. This has been a great inspirational source since I got hold on a copy. And now I recommended it to you.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

[…I’ve never felt comfortable being photographed I certainly I am not yet comfortable photographing other people…] Christenberry continues.

Inspiring music…  “King of the mountain” with Kate Bush (2005).


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